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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

If a person is suffering from a health problem then the medical practitioner is able to diagnose the disease by analyzing the signs and symptoms. The symptoms refer to those elements which the patients can notice themselves, such as pain, fatigue etc. On the other hand the signs refer to those elements, which can be detected only by the doctor, such as the blood cell count, elevated PSA level, high blood pressure etc.

In case of spiritual ailments also - such as spells/ curse/ jinx/charms/hex, psychic attacks and possession, there are various signs and symptoms. Both the signs and the symptoms need to be discussed by the victim and the spiritual healer so that the latter can provide a solution. We know that it is considered to be immature on the part of an accused to hide facts from one’s lawyer, who is supposed to defend the person in court. Likewise, it is also not a good idea to hide things from one’s doctor, who is supposed to cure us. People often feel embarrassed about discussing certain ailments with a doctor and end up worsening it. Similarly, hiding things from the spiritual healer can also lead to difficulties. So if one wishes to get out of the rut of black magic completely then it is imperative to discuss one’s problems frankly, instead feeling embarrassed. Hiding crucial information can lead to wastage of time and delay in treatment. 
Yet another factor which can lead to delay in treatment is lack of awareness about the symptoms of black magic. As far as the signs are concerned, an experienced spiritual healer can identify them easily. The complexion of the black magic victim usually turns darker when the black magic cast on him becomes stronger, due to the absence of any treatment. Besides this, the stronger the black magic influence on the victim the more he or she will feel apprehensive of facing the spiritual healer. So the reluctance and fear of the victims is also a sign which shows that their problem has reached an advanced stage.  However, it is the usually the symptoms which go unnoticed by the victims because they do not know much about them.

So first and foremost, we need to focus on the various symptoms of black magic and see if we are experiencing any of them. There are a multitude of symptoms and it is not necessary that a victim may experience all of them. However, even if a few of them are detected, then in that case also the situation is grim enough to raise an alarm! In this blog I shall discuss about these symptoms with the aim of creating awareness about them so that the victims of black magic do not overlook them.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

….a fit of madness had been sent to Hercules which had enraged him so much that he killed his wife and children. When Hercules came back to his senses he realized his horrible mistake which could not be undone.
This story is a part of the Greek mythology but the lesson which can be learnt from it is that anger can provoke people into doing things which they would have never done in a normal state of mind. When a person is angry he or she loses self-control. An enraged person can be compared to a drunken person. When in a drunken state people are not aware of what they do or say and eventually they end up doing things which they may regret later on. Similarly, in an angry state of mind a person can abuse a loved one, hurt someone and even commit grave sins such as murders. Uncontrolled anger can hamper one’s thinking, judgment and actions. Anger is a negative trait and its origin is evil. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Anger comes from the devil and the evil is made up of fire’.
When a person has a fit of rage his blood pressure tends to shoot upwards and his spiritual power decreases. His intellect or reasoning faculty gets affected and the body also is not under one’s control. So the tongue can start using abusive language and the hands can hit someone or break something. So generally speaking, the state of anger makes a person blind in a way because such a person cannot think about the outcome of his actions or words. The part of the mind which differentiates between good and evil gets disturbed.
A possessed person can show aggressive rage or violent behavior. Such people become abusive because the indwelling evil spirits can enrage them and eventually, they can make the victim do things which they wish to happen. The victims can become angry with someone unnecessarily. They may also feel like strangulating someone due to their ‘possessed’ state. A person who is enraged is not in his own control but under the control of devil. Therefore, if the victim feels that thoughts of anger are being planted into his mind by the evil spirits then the victim needs to remain calm because anger is the root cause of all evil. If the victim succumbs to these tactics of the evil spirits then he or she may end up doing things which can have far reaching consequences.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

Generally speaking, suicidal tendencies are considered to be a psychological phenomenon. The causes behind these tendencies can be a mental illness, depression, inability to cope with a particular situation, attempt to alleviate extreme pain etc. However, there is one more aspect to the suicidal tendencies besides the psychological aspects, namely- paranormal activity.

Suicidal tendencies or suicide is often linked with demonic possession. In such cases there seems to be no apparent reason behind the suicide. It is the demon who incites the victim to nurture serious thoughts about committing suicide. Driving a victim to suicide can be an ultimate victory for the demon. The demon not only manages to destroy the worldly life of the victim in this way but also ruins his life hereafter because suicide is one of the major sins in Islam. If the victim who is attacked by an evil spirit does not realize the gravity of the situation or if he does not take adequate steps to protect himself then this makes it easier for the evil spirit to possess the victim totally. Once the possessed victim loses control over his mind then begins a tormenting journey which winds its way through dreadful experiences which can ruin his psyche completely.

Suicidal tendencies/ attempts are one of the symptoms of spirit possession. The victim who is not powerful enough to resist the force of the psychic attack succumbs to it and turns into a helpless puppet. This scenario takes place because the evil entities relentlessly persuade the victim to commit suicide in a malevolent inner voice.
The naive victims do not question the source of such malevolent inner voice and may eventually fall prey to the devil’s trap. Due to lack of awareness, such victims are unable to differentiate between their own original thoughts and the ones which are cunningly planted into their minds by the demons. They assume that the negative thoughts and urges are their own and therefore, they are fooled into believing that their problems are for real. So the victim, due to his own ignorance, suffers from mental anguish, depression, misery and fearfulness. They do not understand that the pall of gloom which descends upon them is brought about by an evil spirit. The victims, unfortunately, co-operate with the evil entity unknowingly and brood so much that they ultimately lose the battle. Negative thoughts of taking one’s own life keep creeping into their minds intermittently and in many tragic cases, the victims end their precious life.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

  We can hear when someone is talking to us or talking to someone else in our presence. There is nothing unusual about this. But what if we hear someone’s voice when nobody is actually talking? How is it possible that you can hear voices talking to you or commanding you to do certain things when in reality you may be all alone in your room? Well all this is not possible under normal circumstances but in the world of occult this is very much possible.

  Hearing someone talk normally is quite different from the kind of noises which are heard by those people who are possessed by evil spirits or who are facing some kind of paranormal activity in their life. Normal voices are heard when sound travels through the medium of air. However, in case of paranormal activity the voices are heard by our brain at a sub-conscience level, very much like we hear the satanic whispers.

  In order to analyze and understand the peculiar human noises heard by the possessed people we should first take a brief look at the concept of satanic whispers because of the similarity between both of them. Though Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind yet his weapons and plans are weak. Basically, Satan uses the weapon of whispers and fear to control people and to lead them astray. Through his tricks of deception, falsehood and intimidation Satan tries to fulfill his evil agenda of misleading people. Without using this weapon of fear he cannot affect us or dominate us. So instilling fear in our minds is a clever strategy of Satan which can be compared to the threatening and bullying tactic used by the gangsters to extort money. Unless they instill fear in the minds of people they will never succeed in extorting money from them.

  Now let us come to our main point. The evil spirits/demons/devils are amongst the ilk of Satan. They worship Satan like we worship Allah (swt) and they follow Satan and fulfill his every command. It goes without saying that the followers of Satan will also use the same evil tactics like Satan. Therefore, when a victim is possessed by an evil spirit, the latter uses the same weapons like those of Satan the only difference being that, in this case, the satanic whispers get replaced by human voices at a sub-conscious level. By speaking to the victim in a human voice the evil spirit tries to instill fear in the mind of the victim so that it becomes easier for them to control them and possess them fully.

   As far as the nature of the human voices is concerned they can be of almost anyone-both living and the dead. It just depends on the situation. Let me elucidate this point. We know that an enemy can hire a black magician to harm the victim. The former hurls negative energies (in the form of devils/evil spirits etc) towards the victim. In this case, the victim can hear the voice of his enemy who may either try to scare him or try to command him to do something. The voices are not restricted to any particular person. Satan and his ilk are the masters of disguise. For example, if they feel that the victim has a lot of respect and fear for his deceased father then they can even imitate the voice of his father and order them to do certain things. The bottom line is to create the maximum impact on the victim and make him a puppet in their hands.
   Now it depends on the victim whether he foils the devil’s cunning ploys or whether he succumbs to them.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

   Though paranormal rape in dreams sounds like a scene straight out of a horror movie yet, unfortunately, it is not a figment of someone’s imagination. It is a reality which has been proved by the real life experiences shared by a plethora of females, throughout the world. For those who have been fortunate enough to have not been through such experiences all this may sound a little preposterous at first. However, there is no point in denying it because it is a fact that rapes can take place both at the physical level as well as at the paranormal level. The only difference being that in the latter case men get replaced by demons, evil spirits or the jinnat. Such dreams or rather nightmares are quite vivid and there can be real orgasm because the rape actually takes place at the paranormal level.  

   Demonic rape in dreams is also one of the symptoms of evil spirits. Through this tactic the devil can create panic and a feeling of helplessness in the victim’s mind. Besides this, rape at the paranormal level can also be a means of trying to harass a girl or to seek revenge. I have seen a lot of cases wherein the female victims experience such rapes by vindictive people. Male victims also experience sexual dreams with several women in order to create infidelity in them so as to spoil the relationship with their spouse.

   The first thing which comes to my mind when I hear about such eerie happenings is - lack of protection. Such victims obviously lack enough protection which makes them susceptible to such paranormal attacks. Even in case they offer Salaah punctually or read the Quran, there is some sort of deficiency in their worship which gives room to such happenings. Maybe their problem is too complicated for them to handle it all alone and they are in need of professional help from a spiritual healer. 

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

  From the psychological viewpoint racing compulsive thoughts are the outcome of some psychiatric or anxiety disorder. Racing thoughts, which are also known as a racing mind, can make the mind hyper because the person who suffers from such thoughts is literally bombarded by erratic thoughts. In such a condition the mind not just produces random thoughts uncontrollably but it also switches between them at a lightening speed. Such racing thoughts are often associated with panic attacks and anxiety also.
  We have seen so far that the evil spirits are adept in injecting negative thoughts in the mind of the victim which can lead to suicides and self-mutilation also. The victims of possession or demonic influence suffer from depression and anxiety since the evil entities present before them a distorted reality and make them believe that their life is miserable and pathetic. They try to place them in a hapless situation by using such tactics. They try to impose unreal thoughts on the victim’s mind in order to make them panicky.  So it is not surprising that racing thoughts are one of the symptoms of evil spirit possession too. The victims tend to lose control over their train of thoughts and they end up as mentally exhausted people with little or no focus on one topic.  They may eve have a feeling as though they are going crazy. This phenomenon occurs when the evil spirits pressurize the minds of the weak people in an attempt to gain control over it, in a negative sense.

  Those who understand the tactics used by the evil entities, (whether a spirit, a demon or the devil), know well that they try to bring the victim under their influence by manipulating their thoughts. The evil entities secretly plant evil thoughts, desires and urges in the victim and try to make him feel as if they are his own thoughts. An easy method by which a victim can differentiate between his pure, original thoughts and the fake ones thrust upon him by the devils is by analyzing them. The ones produced by evil spirits often fill the victim’s mind with tension and they are quite contrary to the victim’s true nature. For example, if pious people who fear Allah (swt) feel tempted to shop-lift then they should realize that this cannot be their own desire.
  Another symptom of evil spirit influence or possession is that the victims feel quite helpless. They have a feeling as if their mind is not in their own control. They talk needlessly or endlessly and there is a feeling as if they are being pressurized into talking by an unseen force.

  The gist of the matter is that the evil spirits start their activities at the mental level by trying to control their victim’s mind and then if the victim succumbs to their pressure, they work their way into the victim’s will so that they can have a field day.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

  This is one of the sure shot symptoms of spirit possession. If the level of possession is mild then the aversion towards religious scriptures, Zamzam water, adhan etc will also be mild and controllable. This is because such a victim may retain his will, at least partially. However, in those unfortunate cases where the level of spirit possession is severe, the victims’ will is no longer in their own control. The evil spirit takes full charge of the victims’ mind and thereby, body- in order to fulfill its own satanic agenda.

   It is quite questionable that why would anyone try to avoid religious scriptures or anything holy for that matter? Even if a person is an atheist, he or she may tend to feel bored or suffocated if they are made to listen to Quranic recitation. But how can anyone explain the feeling of pain on listening to Quranic recitation? The answer is obvious. These are the clear cases of spirit possession.

   However strong the in-dwelling evil spirit might be but it can be subdued by the name of Allah (swt), who is All-Powerful, His Prophet (pbuh) and the Quranic scriptures. Exposure to anything religious/Islamic weakens the grip of the evil spirit on its target. Several verses of the Holy Quran are specially meant to be recited to cure oneself of black magic and spirit possessions. Therefore, the in-dwelling evil spirits try to distract the victim from his religious duties. The more devotedly that the victim fulfills his religious duties the more tormenting will it be for the in-dwelling evil entities because they cannot stand all this as it is contradictory to their evil nature. Moreover, reciting or listening to the Holy Quran has a therapeutic effect on the victims of possession. So it is obvious that the evil spirits try to keep the victim away from all such religious activities so that they can continue with the evil mission without any obstacles.

   Besides their aversion to listening to or reciting the Holy Quran, the possessed victims also avoid the water or food which someone has blown on, after reciting certain parts of the Holy Quran. Even if the victim happened to be religious-minded during his normal state, yet he will show resentment when he is offered such holy water or food. All such unusual habits of the victims which are contrary to their original nature hint at paranormal activity taking place in his life. This is quite a deplorable condition in which the enemy over-powers the victim completely-leaving no scope for the victim to protect himself.
   However, this dreadful condition does not crop up overnight. It develops gradually turning from mild to moderate and then severe, where in spiritual healing also seems to be improbable. So if such spirit possession cases are detected during an early stage- by noticing the symptoms- then the evil spirit’s plan to control the victim completely, can be foiled    

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

  There are hordes of physical symptoms related to evil spirit possession. I shall discuss the ones which occur more commonly then the rest.

Unexplained blue marks on the skin appear commonly in cases of psychic attacks. If we look at this problem from the medical perspective then we find that such marks are the outcome of a trauma and they are quite painful. However, if there is some sort of paranormal activity going on in a person’s life then the bruises which appear on the skin are not painful and may often go unnoticed. Such bruises are different from the ones caused by trauma in the sense that they are brought about by the evil entities which try to make the victim suffer from some sort of pain of physical problem. So the blue marks which appear on the victim’s skin- out of the blue- are the outcome of the trauma caused by paranormal entities.

Often the victims of paranormal activities experience a jerk in their body while they are fast asleep. The victims wake up after the jerk which is why they notice it. Though there are quite a few scientific theories floating around as to why such jerks occur yet we find no plausible explanation. This phenomenon cannot be explained scientifically because it is a purely paranormal phenomenon. The daytime activities of the evil entities differ from their activities during night. During the night, since the victim is fast asleep so the evil entities obviously cannot plant evil thoughts into the victim’s mind which they do during the day. Their agenda at night is to captivate the victim’s mind through nightmares. The evil spirits show the victim scary dreams such as losing their loved ones. Their plan is to fill their victim’s mind with terror so that when the victim wakes up in the morning their thoughts are consumed by the nightmare and they feel tensed and petrified by whatever they saw. We know that evil entities feed on the victim’s fear. This is why they show scary dreams at night. However, each one of us is escorted by a good humzad/twin angel, who on sensing this sort of danger, tries to ward off the evil spirits by sending a shudder or jerk through the victim’s body- thereby waking up the victim. So basically these nocturnal jerks are a defense mechanism used by our own humzad to wake us up and prevent the devil from capturing our mind through nightmares. We end up having a nightmare at times because in the tussle between the evil entities and our humzad-sometimes the former takes over the latter.
Unexplained scratches are another symptom of spirit possession and therefore, there are no valid scientific explanations regarding them. It is the psychic attacks which lead to such scratches. As explained earlier, the motive of the evil entities is to captivate the victim’s mind by producing fear and pain. In their bid to do so they attack the victim which produces such scratches.
Another common symptom of spirit possession is that the victim experiences eye twitches and eyebrow twitches during daytime. This happens when the evil entities try to enter the body of the victim. This is why such twitching is often followed by a negative/evil thought, which is planted by the evil entity- once it manages to enter the body.

If anyone notices such unusual occurrences happening in their life then they should not take this problem lightly because as they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post I have simply grouped the remaining symptoms of evil spirits, which are sure shot symptoms of possession and which cannot be confused with some mental illness or some physical factor.

Levitation refers to rising or floating in the air, thereby defying the law of gravity. In cases of demonic possession levitation can take place for sure. The skeptics point out that there is not an iota of evidence to prove this phenomenon and so they describe it as a mere exaggeration. However, there have been several cases which have been witnessed by spiritual healers all around the world as well as by the kin and kin, who were present around the victim during such incidences. In one such incidence, a close relative of the victim, who was a tantrik, was in desperate need of money. Instead of earning the money the hard way he simply found an easy way out. He cast a powerful demonic spell on the victim which not only made the victim bedridden but also levitated him quite a few times in the air, leaving his near and dear ones shell-shocked. Since it was quite clear that there was some paranormal activity going on so the victim’s family paradoxically, decided to seek help from the same relative who had cast that spell. The man came and pretended to be quite concerned. He explained to the family that their only son was in the clutches of a powerful demon and he needs spiritual treatment. Later on he took the money which he needed on the pretext of breaking the spell, which he did after some time.
   In another case, levitation of the victim was noticed by his wife at night. The victim had been dabbling in occult arts from some time and he made the mistake of performing a Jalali amal, sans a teacher. In such cases, if the novice amil happens to do some mistake by chance then he may have nothing to fall back on. On the other hand, if amals are carried on under the supervision of an experienced amil, then he can handle the situation if something goes wrong. In this case, the victim erred in the amal and thereby earned the wrath of the jinnat whom he had planned to bring under his hegemony. The result was that the furious jinnat levitated the victim quite high and then flung him on the cot several times. The terrified wife witnessed her husband being raised up high in the air by some unseen force and then hurled down on his cot. 

Speaking of foreign languages by the victim is another sure-shot symptom of demonic possession, but this one too has been outrightly rejected by the cynics. Some of them claim that the foreign language words used by the victim could have been possibly stored somewhere in their sub-conscious mind, without the victim’s having been consciously exposed to these words. However, the observation of those people who have a spiritual side to them will definitely differ. There was this young man, who was a mason by profession- poor and unlettered –who once happened to pass through a desolate, spooky place, while en route from his village to a nearby city. He got demonically possessed due to which his entire personality underwent a sea of change. He not just started speaking Arabic, but also gained a lot of knowledge about spiritual healing. He started predicting the future due to the occult powers he had gained. Though the change in his personality was drastic, yet it was temporary. He would get metamorphosed into a saintly personality for about an hour or so and later on he would get back to his own normal self. Soon the news about this incident spread like wild fire and during his metamorphosis state he would be surrounded by followers who were desperate to seek spiritual advice from him. 

Besides, the above mentioned symptoms there are some others too which are quite baffling, such as display of superhuman strength by the victim, owing to the presence of strong in-dwelling demons who possess the victim’s body and take charge of his will, or in other words, his entire life.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname


Assalam oalaikum,

  This blog cannot be wrapped up without bringing up the related topic- PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS Vs EVIL SPIRIT POSSESSION. More often than not there arises some amount of confusion and conflict between these two problems. Though the problem of psychological disorders is related to the mind whereas the problem of possession has a paranormal nature yet these two ailments have certain overlapping symptoms due to which the confusion and conflicts arise. 

   Now whether a person suffers from a psychological ailment (such as schizophrenia, dyslexia, bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety, epilepsy or multiple personality disorder) or from spirit possession- it is of utmost importance to identify the problem accurately. Since both spirit possession and the above mentioned psychological problems produce similar types of personality disorders, so any kind of confusion can lead to wastage of time and further aggravation of the problem.

  There are various traits which are common in both these type of problems, such as: lack of self-control, depression, violent behavior, irrational behavior, anxiety; irrational fear; etc. Such overlapping symptoms complicate the situation to quite an extent. So what can be the possible solution to this problem?

  If we try to analyze the situation from the point of view of both the doctors and the spiritual healers then the entire argument will boil down to this:
The medical practitioners usually reject the idea of spirit possession. This is quite understandable as it is beyond the scope of their subject. They feel that many patients of, say schizophrenia; do not get a timely medical treatment as they misjudge their problem as being paranormal and they end up wasting their time with spiritual healers. On the other hand, we find that many people who suffer from spirit possession and who urgently need a spiritual treatment end up in mental asylums because their real problem goes undetected. In a nutshell, many patients suffering from some sort of a neurobiological disorder visit spiritual healers instead of doctors and many people who are experiencing spirit possession end up wasting their time in hospitals due to lack of awareness.

  As far as the doctors are concerned- they are more likely to get confused in these cases. When the doctors treat a patient they tend to leave out the symptoms which they are unable to comprehend and carry on with the treatment in a limited way. For example: due to the problem of overlapping symptoms, if a spirit possession case has been mistakenly diagnosed by doctors as being a case of clinical depression so they will treat the patient according to the symptoms identified by them. However, if the patient shows aversion towards the Holy Quran or anything religious, then the doctors will conveniently ignore such a symptom, because it is beyond their comprehension and the scope of their field. On the other hand, if a case of a clinical depression lands up in the lap of a deceitful spiritual healer, then he may try to use the situation to his advantage. He will not disclose the real nature of the problem. Instead, he will carry on with it as a case of spirit possession. Hence, it is very important that the case reaches the right person so that the patient does not suffer.

   On the flip side, it is not a challenge for a competent spiritual healer to come to the rescue of an ailing person. For example, if a person is suffering from some kind of mental illness, then a good spiritual healer will be instantly able to understand the problem and he will advice the patient to seek medical help immediately. On the other hand, if a person is suffering at the hands of an evil spirit or a demon then identifying a problem for a competent spiritual healer is cakewalk too. This is because a possession case has certain sure-shot signs and symptoms, which differentiate it from medical problems.

For example: the victim becomes averse to everything religious, be it the Holy Quran, blessed water, taweez etc. I have discussed this point in my post-‘HATRED TOWARDS EVERYTHING SACRED’ (LINK).
The victim’s complexion gets darkened.
He or she has to be literally dragged to be brought before a spiritual healer. This happens because the in-dwelling spirit tries to resist the victim from being getting a spiritual treatment.
Sometimes, during Islamic exorcism sessions, the victim starts speaking in the voice of the in-dwelling demon or spirit. So the voice of the victim changes from normal to hoarse or guttural.
Another sure-shot symptom is that the spirit possessed victims get access to knowledge which they would never have under normal circumstances. This is because the victim starts speaking about things which are known to the in-dwelling spirit or demon.

Besides observing these symptoms, an adept spiritual healer will also be informed about the victim’s ‘possessed state’ through his moakkils.

  So instead of rushing to a doctor in case of any confusion in the symptoms it is better to consult an upright and adept spiritual healer. Quacks should be strictly avoided as they can take you for a ride and waste your time, money and energy. The right spiritual healer will help you in the following ways:

By disclosing the exact nature of the disease, whether it is entirely a medical one or a paranormal one.
In case of an entirely medical problem they will advice you to consult a medical practitioner.
In case the problem is of possession then they can heal the victim through their spiritual powers.
In certain cases, both spiritual healing as well as medical treatment needs to be carried out simultaneously for best results. So in case the situation demands this then the right healer will let you know about this as well.   

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname