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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

  We can hear when someone is talking to us or talking to someone else in our presence. There is nothing unusual about this. But what if we hear someone’s voice when nobody is actually talking? How is it possible that you can hear voices talking to you or commanding you to do certain things when in reality you may be all alone in your room? Well all this is not possible under normal circumstances but in the world of occult this is very much possible.

  Hearing someone talk normally is quite different from the kind of noises which are heard by those people who are possessed by evil spirits or who are facing some kind of paranormal activity in their life. Normal voices are heard when sound travels through the medium of air. However, in case of paranormal activity the voices are heard by our brain at a sub-conscience level, very much like we hear the satanic whispers.

  In order to analyze and understand the peculiar human noises heard by the possessed people we should first take a brief look at the concept of satanic whispers because of the similarity between both of them. Though Satan is the biggest enemy of mankind yet his weapons and plans are weak. Basically, Satan uses the weapon of whispers and fear to control people and to lead them astray. Through his tricks of deception, falsehood and intimidation Satan tries to fulfill his evil agenda of misleading people. Without using this weapon of fear he cannot affect us or dominate us. So instilling fear in our minds is a clever strategy of Satan which can be compared to the threatening and bullying tactic used by the gangsters to extort money. Unless they instill fear in the minds of people they will never succeed in extorting money from them.

  Now let us come to our main point. The evil spirits/demons/devils are amongst the ilk of Satan. They worship Satan like we worship Allah (swt) and they follow Satan and fulfill his every command. It goes without saying that the followers of Satan will also use the same evil tactics like Satan. Therefore, when a victim is possessed by an evil spirit, the latter uses the same weapons like those of Satan the only difference being that, in this case, the satanic whispers get replaced by human voices at a sub-conscious level. By speaking to the victim in a human voice the evil spirit tries to instill fear in the mind of the victim so that it becomes easier for them to control them and possess them fully.

   As far as the nature of the human voices is concerned they can be of almost anyone-both living and the dead. It just depends on the situation. Let me elucidate this point. We know that an enemy can hire a black magician to harm the victim. The former hurls negative energies (in the form of devils/evil spirits etc) towards the victim. In this case, the victim can hear the voice of his enemy who may either try to scare him or try to command him to do something. The voices are not restricted to any particular person. Satan and his ilk are the masters of disguise. For example, if they feel that the victim has a lot of respect and fear for his deceased father then they can even imitate the voice of his father and order them to do certain things. The bottom line is to create the maximum impact on the victim and make him a puppet in their hands.
   Now it depends on the victim whether he foils the devil’s cunning ploys or whether he succumbs to them.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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