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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

  There are hordes of physical symptoms related to evil spirit possession. I shall discuss the ones which occur more commonly then the rest.

Unexplained blue marks on the skin appear commonly in cases of psychic attacks. If we look at this problem from the medical perspective then we find that such marks are the outcome of a trauma and they are quite painful. However, if there is some sort of paranormal activity going on in a person’s life then the bruises which appear on the skin are not painful and may often go unnoticed. Such bruises are different from the ones caused by trauma in the sense that they are brought about by the evil entities which try to make the victim suffer from some sort of pain of physical problem. So the blue marks which appear on the victim’s skin- out of the blue- are the outcome of the trauma caused by paranormal entities.

Often the victims of paranormal activities experience a jerk in their body while they are fast asleep. The victims wake up after the jerk which is why they notice it. Though there are quite a few scientific theories floating around as to why such jerks occur yet we find no plausible explanation. This phenomenon cannot be explained scientifically because it is a purely paranormal phenomenon. The daytime activities of the evil entities differ from their activities during night. During the night, since the victim is fast asleep so the evil entities obviously cannot plant evil thoughts into the victim’s mind which they do during the day. Their agenda at night is to captivate the victim’s mind through nightmares. The evil spirits show the victim scary dreams such as losing their loved ones. Their plan is to fill their victim’s mind with terror so that when the victim wakes up in the morning their thoughts are consumed by the nightmare and they feel tensed and petrified by whatever they saw. We know that evil entities feed on the victim’s fear. This is why they show scary dreams at night. However, each one of us is escorted by a good humzad/twin angel, who on sensing this sort of danger, tries to ward off the evil spirits by sending a shudder or jerk through the victim’s body- thereby waking up the victim. So basically these nocturnal jerks are a defense mechanism used by our own humzad to wake us up and prevent the devil from capturing our mind through nightmares. We end up having a nightmare at times because in the tussle between the evil entities and our humzad-sometimes the former takes over the latter.
Unexplained scratches are another symptom of spirit possession and therefore, there are no valid scientific explanations regarding them. It is the psychic attacks which lead to such scratches. As explained earlier, the motive of the evil entities is to captivate the victim’s mind by producing fear and pain. In their bid to do so they attack the victim which produces such scratches.
Another common symptom of spirit possession is that the victim experiences eye twitches and eyebrow twitches during daytime. This happens when the evil entities try to enter the body of the victim. This is why such twitching is often followed by a negative/evil thought, which is planted by the evil entity- once it manages to enter the body.

If anyone notices such unusual occurrences happening in their life then they should not take this problem lightly because as they say ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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