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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

  From the psychological viewpoint racing compulsive thoughts are the outcome of some psychiatric or anxiety disorder. Racing thoughts, which are also known as a racing mind, can make the mind hyper because the person who suffers from such thoughts is literally bombarded by erratic thoughts. In such a condition the mind not just produces random thoughts uncontrollably but it also switches between them at a lightening speed. Such racing thoughts are often associated with panic attacks and anxiety also.
  We have seen so far that the evil spirits are adept in injecting negative thoughts in the mind of the victim which can lead to suicides and self-mutilation also. The victims of possession or demonic influence suffer from depression and anxiety since the evil entities present before them a distorted reality and make them believe that their life is miserable and pathetic. They try to place them in a hapless situation by using such tactics. They try to impose unreal thoughts on the victim’s mind in order to make them panicky.  So it is not surprising that racing thoughts are one of the symptoms of evil spirit possession too. The victims tend to lose control over their train of thoughts and they end up as mentally exhausted people with little or no focus on one topic.  They may eve have a feeling as though they are going crazy. This phenomenon occurs when the evil spirits pressurize the minds of the weak people in an attempt to gain control over it, in a negative sense.

  Those who understand the tactics used by the evil entities, (whether a spirit, a demon or the devil), know well that they try to bring the victim under their influence by manipulating their thoughts. The evil entities secretly plant evil thoughts, desires and urges in the victim and try to make him feel as if they are his own thoughts. An easy method by which a victim can differentiate between his pure, original thoughts and the fake ones thrust upon him by the devils is by analyzing them. The ones produced by evil spirits often fill the victim’s mind with tension and they are quite contrary to the victim’s true nature. For example, if pious people who fear Allah (swt) feel tempted to shop-lift then they should realize that this cannot be their own desire.
  Another symptom of evil spirit influence or possession is that the victims feel quite helpless. They have a feeling as if their mind is not in their own control. They talk needlessly or endlessly and there is a feeling as if they are being pressurized into talking by an unseen force.

  The gist of the matter is that the evil spirits start their activities at the mental level by trying to control their victim’s mind and then if the victim succumbs to their pressure, they work their way into the victim’s will so that they can have a field day.  

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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