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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

….a fit of madness had been sent to Hercules which had enraged him so much that he killed his wife and children. When Hercules came back to his senses he realized his horrible mistake which could not be undone.
This story is a part of the Greek mythology but the lesson which can be learnt from it is that anger can provoke people into doing things which they would have never done in a normal state of mind. When a person is angry he or she loses self-control. An enraged person can be compared to a drunken person. When in a drunken state people are not aware of what they do or say and eventually they end up doing things which they may regret later on. Similarly, in an angry state of mind a person can abuse a loved one, hurt someone and even commit grave sins such as murders. Uncontrolled anger can hamper one’s thinking, judgment and actions. Anger is a negative trait and its origin is evil. Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Anger comes from the devil and the evil is made up of fire’.
When a person has a fit of rage his blood pressure tends to shoot upwards and his spiritual power decreases. His intellect or reasoning faculty gets affected and the body also is not under one’s control. So the tongue can start using abusive language and the hands can hit someone or break something. So generally speaking, the state of anger makes a person blind in a way because such a person cannot think about the outcome of his actions or words. The part of the mind which differentiates between good and evil gets disturbed.
A possessed person can show aggressive rage or violent behavior. Such people become abusive because the indwelling evil spirits can enrage them and eventually, they can make the victim do things which they wish to happen. The victims can become angry with someone unnecessarily. They may also feel like strangulating someone due to their ‘possessed’ state. A person who is enraged is not in his own control but under the control of devil. Therefore, if the victim feels that thoughts of anger are being planted into his mind by the evil spirits then the victim needs to remain calm because anger is the root cause of all evil. If the victim succumbs to these tactics of the evil spirits then he or she may end up doing things which can have far reaching consequences.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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