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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Generally speaking, suicidal tendencies are considered to be a psychological phenomenon. The causes behind these tendencies can be a mental illness, depression, inability to cope with a particular situation, attempt to alleviate extreme pain etc. However, there is one more aspect to the suicidal tendencies besides the psychological aspects, namely- paranormal activity.

Suicidal tendencies or suicide is often linked with demonic possession. In such cases there seems to be no apparent reason behind the suicide. It is the demon who incites the victim to nurture serious thoughts about committing suicide. Driving a victim to suicide can be an ultimate victory for the demon. The demon not only manages to destroy the worldly life of the victim in this way but also ruins his life hereafter because suicide is one of the major sins in Islam. If the victim who is attacked by an evil spirit does not realize the gravity of the situation or if he does not take adequate steps to protect himself then this makes it easier for the evil spirit to possess the victim totally. Once the possessed victim loses control over his mind then begins a tormenting journey which winds its way through dreadful experiences which can ruin his psyche completely.

Suicidal tendencies/ attempts are one of the symptoms of spirit possession. The victim who is not powerful enough to resist the force of the psychic attack succumbs to it and turns into a helpless puppet. This scenario takes place because the evil entities relentlessly persuade the victim to commit suicide in a malevolent inner voice.
The naive victims do not question the source of such malevolent inner voice and may eventually fall prey to the devil’s trap. Due to lack of awareness, such victims are unable to differentiate between their own original thoughts and the ones which are cunningly planted into their minds by the demons. They assume that the negative thoughts and urges are their own and therefore, they are fooled into believing that their problems are for real. So the victim, due to his own ignorance, suffers from mental anguish, depression, misery and fearfulness. They do not understand that the pall of gloom which descends upon them is brought about by an evil spirit. The victims, unfortunately, co-operate with the evil entity unknowingly and brood so much that they ultimately lose the battle. Negative thoughts of taking one’s own life keep creeping into their minds intermittently and in many tragic cases, the victims end their precious life.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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