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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

  This is one of the sure shot symptoms of spirit possession. If the level of possession is mild then the aversion towards religious scriptures, Zamzam water, adhan etc will also be mild and controllable. This is because such a victim may retain his will, at least partially. However, in those unfortunate cases where the level of spirit possession is severe, the victims’ will is no longer in their own control. The evil spirit takes full charge of the victims’ mind and thereby, body- in order to fulfill its own satanic agenda.

   It is quite questionable that why would anyone try to avoid religious scriptures or anything holy for that matter? Even if a person is an atheist, he or she may tend to feel bored or suffocated if they are made to listen to Quranic recitation. But how can anyone explain the feeling of pain on listening to Quranic recitation? The answer is obvious. These are the clear cases of spirit possession.

   However strong the in-dwelling evil spirit might be but it can be subdued by the name of Allah (swt), who is All-Powerful, His Prophet (pbuh) and the Quranic scriptures. Exposure to anything religious/Islamic weakens the grip of the evil spirit on its target. Several verses of the Holy Quran are specially meant to be recited to cure oneself of black magic and spirit possessions. Therefore, the in-dwelling evil spirits try to distract the victim from his religious duties. The more devotedly that the victim fulfills his religious duties the more tormenting will it be for the in-dwelling evil entities because they cannot stand all this as it is contradictory to their evil nature. Moreover, reciting or listening to the Holy Quran has a therapeutic effect on the victims of possession. So it is obvious that the evil spirits try to keep the victim away from all such religious activities so that they can continue with the evil mission without any obstacles.

   Besides their aversion to listening to or reciting the Holy Quran, the possessed victims also avoid the water or food which someone has blown on, after reciting certain parts of the Holy Quran. Even if the victim happened to be religious-minded during his normal state, yet he will show resentment when he is offered such holy water or food. All such unusual habits of the victims which are contrary to their original nature hint at paranormal activity taking place in his life. This is quite a deplorable condition in which the enemy over-powers the victim completely-leaving no scope for the victim to protect himself.
   However, this dreadful condition does not crop up overnight. It develops gradually turning from mild to moderate and then severe, where in spiritual healing also seems to be improbable. So if such spirit possession cases are detected during an early stage- by noticing the symptoms- then the evil spirit’s plan to control the victim completely, can be foiled    

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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