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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In this post I have simply grouped the remaining symptoms of evil spirits, which are sure shot symptoms of possession and which cannot be confused with some mental illness or some physical factor.

Levitation refers to rising or floating in the air, thereby defying the law of gravity. In cases of demonic possession levitation can take place for sure. The skeptics point out that there is not an iota of evidence to prove this phenomenon and so they describe it as a mere exaggeration. However, there have been several cases which have been witnessed by spiritual healers all around the world as well as by the kin and kin, who were present around the victim during such incidences. In one such incidence, a close relative of the victim, who was a tantrik, was in desperate need of money. Instead of earning the money the hard way he simply found an easy way out. He cast a powerful demonic spell on the victim which not only made the victim bedridden but also levitated him quite a few times in the air, leaving his near and dear ones shell-shocked. Since it was quite clear that there was some paranormal activity going on so the victim’s family paradoxically, decided to seek help from the same relative who had cast that spell. The man came and pretended to be quite concerned. He explained to the family that their only son was in the clutches of a powerful demon and he needs spiritual treatment. Later on he took the money which he needed on the pretext of breaking the spell, which he did after some time.
   In another case, levitation of the victim was noticed by his wife at night. The victim had been dabbling in occult arts from some time and he made the mistake of performing a Jalali amal, sans a teacher. In such cases, if the novice amil happens to do some mistake by chance then he may have nothing to fall back on. On the other hand, if amals are carried on under the supervision of an experienced amil, then he can handle the situation if something goes wrong. In this case, the victim erred in the amal and thereby earned the wrath of the jinnat whom he had planned to bring under his hegemony. The result was that the furious jinnat levitated the victim quite high and then flung him on the cot several times. The terrified wife witnessed her husband being raised up high in the air by some unseen force and then hurled down on his cot. 

Speaking of foreign languages by the victim is another sure-shot symptom of demonic possession, but this one too has been outrightly rejected by the cynics. Some of them claim that the foreign language words used by the victim could have been possibly stored somewhere in their sub-conscious mind, without the victim’s having been consciously exposed to these words. However, the observation of those people who have a spiritual side to them will definitely differ. There was this young man, who was a mason by profession- poor and unlettered –who once happened to pass through a desolate, spooky place, while en route from his village to a nearby city. He got demonically possessed due to which his entire personality underwent a sea of change. He not just started speaking Arabic, but also gained a lot of knowledge about spiritual healing. He started predicting the future due to the occult powers he had gained. Though the change in his personality was drastic, yet it was temporary. He would get metamorphosed into a saintly personality for about an hour or so and later on he would get back to his own normal self. Soon the news about this incident spread like wild fire and during his metamorphosis state he would be surrounded by followers who were desperate to seek spiritual advice from him. 

Besides, the above mentioned symptoms there are some others too which are quite baffling, such as display of superhuman strength by the victim, owing to the presence of strong in-dwelling demons who possess the victim’s body and take charge of his will, or in other words, his entire life.

Keep Me In Your Prayers,
Amel Soname

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